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This backend is designed specifically for OpenLDAP Software but is not a product of the OpenLDAP Project. OpenLDAP is a registered trademark of the OpenLDAP Foundation
Latest News

20/02/2005: Before sharing the beta version of the AACLs overlay, you could use the latest version : 2.2.23 (improvements, up to date versions, ...)

2/11/2004: After a long silence, I'm moving from the AACLs backend to the AACLs overlay (which I hope will be integrated soon in OpenLDAP :))

26/5/2004: New release for OpenLDAP 2.2.11. At this time, it seems that the core feature "extended referrals" does not give the right results every time. (Note: the 2.2.6 version has not been released due to software and time problems !)

17/3/2004: New release for OpenLDAP 2.2.6. For now, only two memory leaks remain (via Valgrind).


AACLS stands for Advanced ACL Server, it is an OpenLdap slapd's server backend that allows the ldap server administrator to define advanced Access control rules that are executed for each queries made to the ldap server and that are contained in an "human readable format" inside the ldap directory itself.

All documentation, usage information, concept lightnings can be found on the documentation page.

Note: At this time, this backend can only be used as a gateway !!!


The AACLS backend is distributed as a patch against the OpenLdap current version of the ldap server.

For a complete description of how to get the code, how to compile it, to configure and test it, please refer to the download page.


For any topic concerning development or bug report, please go on the project's SourceForge page.

You can find project's documentation at : here online, or you can download the pdf or ps
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AACLS backend for OpenLDAP Software